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International Oddities

  With the banning of marijuana or cannabis, poppy seed extract or opium, and hashish or pot, one might ask what content of the herb legal professionals have found to be offensive and medical practitioners have frowned upon. As with all things, plants, flowers, spices and herbs have properties which produce effects. A farmer feeds his horse fennel and honey to calm him and assist his digestion when suffering from colic. Socrates drank hemlock to satisfy his death penalty.

Today, opiates are used by Western Medicine to anesthetize extreme pain and prisoners are injected with chemicals to impose the death sentence; churches burn frankincense and myrrh to purify the air of bad spirits and establish an essence of spirituality. What consideration is made of the herb for legal concern? Substances that have been known to harm or their consumption produces a distraction that makes them harmful to others is the most general answer.

Is An Herb Legal?

When a question like this is asked, one has to think there is no smoke without fire. In the case of herbs used for smoking, one has to wonder why that question is asked. Your mother used basil and oregano in her spaghetti sauce because generations of mothers before her did the same. Basil and oregano are used in herbal smoking mixtures and are legal substances. Because a herb, legal in itself, is smoked, does not mean that there is a question as to its legality.

What is in question is the use of any substance, dietary, topical, approved food, or medicine. If touching poison ivy produces an allergic reaction in you, you may wish to avoid touching it in the future. Any herb/legal issue is covered extensively in the FDA web site. More important is what effect does a drug, a medicine, a herb, or talking on your cell phone have on you? Licorice tastes great. Eat it in quantities and it may have a laxative effect on you. This does not mean that it is harmful.

Make a Sensible Herb / Legal Assessment

Popular for purchase in online stores today are herbal hybrids called herbal bud or legal bud. These plants are cross pollinated flowers that produce pungent and flavorful buds used for smoking. These hybrids are legal. Some growers like International Oddities have invested OVER 20 years in creating over 30 varieties of herb. Legal, they are available for purchase in the United States. For people in search of herbal remedies, mood alteration, or the relief of depression, they are recommended to contact their physicians. No claims are made for the diagnosis, treatment, or cure of any disease or medical condition. If you wish to use a herb, legal professionals and doctors can recommend which to use for any condition you wish to have treated. Naturopaths and apothecaries are also very respectful in the use of herbs.
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New Canned
Legal Buds!

Krypto Bud - Highest Quality
Krypto Legal Buds - Highest Quality

Dro bud in a bag
Bag of Dro bud

A'hia Bud from Hawaii
A'hia Bud from Hawaii

Krypto Bud - Big Green Buds
Krypto Bud - Big Green Buds

Stunk Bud - a legal bud herbal bud classic
Stunk Bud - a Legal Herbal Bud Classic

Dro Bud 100% Legal
Dro Bud - 100% Legal

Get a pound of herbal bud
Get a pound
of Herbal Bud!

Skyscraper Bud by International Oddities
Skyscraper Legal Buds

Stunk Bud - The Stinkiest
Stunk Bud - The Stinkiest

Twice The Splice at Half The Price

Bahli Bubble Bud - Exotic Uplifting Smoke
Bahli Bubble Bud - Exotic Uplifting Smoke

Panama Gold Bud
Panama Gold Bud

Rasta Smoke
Legal Rasta Smoke

Sextacy Pills
Sextacy Pills

Dro Bud - It's Hydra-chronic!
Dro Bud - It's Hydra-chronic!

Bahli Bubble Closeup Pic
Bahli Bubble Bud

Panama Gold Bud - legal bud
Panama Gold Bud - It's Legal

Buy Hookahs
Buy Hookahs

A'hia Bud - Hawaiian Hybrid
Hawaiian Hybrid A'hia Bud



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