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Hookah Smoking   at   International Oddities


Hookah Pipes:

A Hookah may be described as a traditional instrument used for smoking comprised of a bowl that holds herbal and/or tobacco material that connects to a stem with one or more hoses attached, which sits on top of a water reservoir used to filter the smoke as it is drawn by the smoker thru the hookah and into the hose to be inhaled.

Hookah imageThe smoking material can be a tobacco mixture with a fruit component, often called shisha, or other herbal material such as legal buds and herbal smoke.

Hookahs, or waterpipes, range from large to mini, expensive to discount, ornate to plain - in other words, there is something for everyone.

To operate the hookah, you just put your smoking material in the bowl, put some foil or a screen over it, light some charcoal on top of it, and suck on the hose to draw the vaporized smoke through the hookah, where it is cooled and filtered by the water, into your lungs.

Hookah Smoking - How To Use a Hookah:

At the top of the Hookah is the bowl, often ceramic, marble or clay. The bowl is used to hold the smoking material and connects to the stem so that the smoke can be drawn downwards thru the holes in bottom of it. Once the tobacco, herbal material, or shisha is put into the bowl, it is covered with a screen of some sort. The screen can be as simple as a piece of aluminum foil with holes poked into it, or a manufactured one made of metal or sometimes glass. It's purpose is to separate the smoking buds from the charcoal that is placed on top to heat the tobacco. Once the charcoal is lit, the coals heat the smoking mixture. The bowl sits on top of the hookah stem, which may also hold a metal charcoal tray (to catch ash from heated charcoals or for holding extra charcoal.) Hookah Pipe image

The stem may be built for one hose or more (called a multi-stem). The stem is attached to a glass jar or vase which is partially filled with water until it covers the downspout of the stem just enough so that as the water bubbles while the smoke is passing through it, it stays submerged (up to an inch). The higher the height of the water, the more force is required to pull the smoke through it and into the open area of the vase. One or more flexible hoses are attached to the stem and fitted with mouthpieces.

To smoke with a Hookah, a person inhales thru the mouthpiece which draws air into the bowl at the top. The smoke from the tobacco, shisha, or buds material is pulled downward thru the stem into the vase of water which cools and filters it as it bubbles up into the upper part of the chamber. The smoke finally reaches the smoker as it is pulled into the hose from the upper part of the vase, through the mouthpiece and into their lungs. Though it may take several minutes at the beginning to heat the shisha and build up the smoke, the process is continuous and may be shared amongst many friends. A multi-stemmed hookah may be desirable in this case, as the wait time to partake will be lessened.

Hookah tips:

Use a screen to separate the coal from the smoking material, as this will help prevent burning the shisha directly, instead of vaporizing it. It also will keep the coal ash from being inhaled as well.

Use the purge valve, if included, to blow out the stale smoke if too much time has gone by and the built up smoke is too thick, or the taste undesirable. This is a one-way valve that will allow smoke to escape when you blow into the mouthpiece of the tube.

Clean the hookah after each smoking experience - wash the glass vase with soap and warm water, and dry completely. Clean the hookah stem with the cleaning brush - it removes the smokey residue. At the least, definitely change the water each time you smoke as it is the filter.

Don't pack the bowl too tightly with your smoking material, as the air needs to circulate so that it heats properly.

Make sure all parts of the hookah fit together securely, with no air leakage, as this will reduce the productivity of your hookah. An airtight seal may be obtained with the use of rubber grommets. If you have a multi-hose stem, be sure to plug the unused hose connections with small rubber stoppers, or if the hoses are connected, have the other smokers plug the tip of their hoses when not in use. This will ensure that proper suction is maintained.

hookah rotating standWhen sharing a 1 hose hookah amongst friends, consider using a rotating stand for ease of operation and minimizing stress on the hose.

Hookahs can be the hit of the party when entertaining a group of friends,an exotic decoration for one's room, or the way to create a relaxing environment at the end of a day.

More Hookahs For Sale

Gold Globe for International Oddities Payment Option Instructions
Can Your Hookah do this?

Can Your Hookah Do THIS?

Go back in time to a simpler era,
where glass was art and
Smoking was reserved for Royalty...

Rotating - 2 hose - hand blown blue glass

Finest craftmanship. Very Limited Quantity.

Hookah $495.00> Qty

Oh my God that's expensive - Why?
You can buy a Hookah for $7 (plastic made in China)
You can pay $700 for a hookah - (rare, imported, hand-blown, hand-painted, ceramic detailed)

You can get to work on a bicycle or in an Aston Martin sports car.

Totally out of production for over 3 years now, no longer available anywhere in the world ever again -
International Oddities has a few we held back from our own personal collection.

There are knock-offs designed to look like an original Hookah Bros. high quality hookah, but unfortunately the quality of the glass, wood, stainless steel multi layering and overall fabrication is nowhere near the original.

Comes packaged with original cleaning kit, padded travel shoulder bag, hand-sewn cloth hose protectors ...
this one's a keeper for your dining room table.

Note: not for marijuana smoke -
buy legal buds instead.
Hookahs available for sale only inside the U.S. -
no shipments outside United States.

Whether viewed as a work of art on display, or used in daily ritual, your Hookah may give you years of enjoyment - buy one today at our hookah store.


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Buy Hookahs
Buy Hookahs

A'hia Bud - Hawaiian Hybrid
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