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Leaves of Grass Movie Bud   -   International Oddities


International Oddities Movie Bud Smoke

International Oddities Leaves of Grass Trailer with Movie Bud

Leaves of Grass Movie Trailer with Edward Norton, Richard Dreyfuss,
Susan Sarandon, and Keri Russel New Comedy Suspense Thriller

Official Leaves of Grass Movie Trailer

The "Leaves of Grass" staff was fun and well organized, said International Oddities, whose products have appeared in MANY other big hit movies too.

Leaves of Grass movie poster

International Oddities said the Leaves of Grass production staff were so well organized and gave such efficient dates of shooting requirements that we were able to synchronize our in-house hydroponic systems to coincide with their shooting schedules ... offering plants at their silver screen best.

"This much fun should be illegal"

While working on this predicted to be blockbuster movie, "Leaves of Grass", an IO staff member recalls thinking "this much fun should be illegal".

The Leaves of Grass staff shared with us that it was rare to work on a project where so many elements came together with remarkable synchronicity all the way down to International Oddities' inclusion in the film.

We are proud to have been asked to lend our admittedly unique set of skills in the name of realism by contributing our legal buds and herbal smokes to such a cool movie.

From our numerous contacts with the working staff during shooting, it was clear that the director had a very clear visionary acuity for the finer details missed in some smoking movies.

Leaves of Grass movie sceneThey clearly did not want mostly hidden plastic bags flashed in the shot suggesting some possible green smoking material of unknown origin.

This story required something more, ... And we were wondering what a killer deep haired bud would look like 20 feet tall in the movie theatre.

Marijuana movies using International Oddities products click here

Do "Leaves of Grass" and "Avatar" share "twins syndrome parallels" resulting in film release delays?

The Principles of Pot - Right and Wrong in the Movie Leaves of Grass

A Leaves of Grass Movie press conference featuring Tim Blake Nelson, Edward Norton and Keri Russell:

(quotes from the press conference)

Tim Blake Nelson- Director, Leaves of Grass:
I think Lucy's out in the audience, if she could come up. And, ah, Keri, Edward, Josh - and Lucy.

Ok, any questions for our guests please - yes sir, go ahead.

Audience Member #1:
I'd like to know from, I guess, Tim and from Edward what it was like to, I guess, directing Edward here and explaining 2 parts - and what's that like to, I guess, filming the scene with 2 guys - one actor playing 2 roles - and Edward pointed to you likewise how it's to work both roles like that?

Ok, I'll quickly try to repeat that, so for both director and actor, What was it like working for each of them when you have 1 person playing 2 roles?

Tim Blake Nelson:
Um, well it's no secret I wrote this for Edward, without telling him. And luckily he agreed to do it when I gave him the script. Certainly Edward is as talented an actor as there is, and I knew that he could play each role, so it was his talent, but I was also quite enamored of his brain. And just the ability to map out, to map out, to have an actor that could map out scenes for himself, understanding what the rhythm would before the other actor was playing the scene with him. And I just didn't know of anyone else who was going to be able to do that. And I'll just say that it was an utter delight to be on the set with this person everyday and I continue to marvel at what he accomplished, and now I'll let him answer that question.

Edward Norton - Star, Leaves of Grass the movie:
Leaves of Grass movie with Edward Norton as twin brothersWell, ah, it was a great deal of fun. I think if there's any actors in the audience they'll attest that you know actors are always dreaming and scraping and clawing for one good role, so if you offer us 2 good roles, you own us, and we'll do pretty much anything that you tell us to do if you offer us 2 good roles. And I guess I felt that I walk around talking to myself a lot of the time anyway, and so maybe this was just a way to get paid for it. But it was a delight to work with Tim and I think that we wouldn't have been able to pull this off with anyone who was less meticulously organized and prepared a director than Tim was, and anything that I pulled off in it was really just a manifestation of what lives in Tim's brain, and I think much more than from me the inspiration for these 2 characters all comes from within him, and it was a pleasure to bring it to life for him.

There's a question, yes sir:

Audience Member #2:
Why did you decide to set the movie in Tulsa?

The question is, Why did you decide to set the movie in Tulsa?

Tim Blake Nelson:
I'm from Tulsa and ah,

Edward Norton:
Starting to get my point?

Tim Blake Nelson:
And I do love my home state, and I just feel very lucky to have been raised the way I was to appreciate books and rhetoric and thought, and this extraordinary state that is so much of the ground and of the earth. I love the people in Oklahoma, I love the Jewish community in Oklahoma - it's wildly eccentric and unlikely and exotic, and I just wanted to, just put that up on the screen cuz I figured no one else would.

Are there ... yes, down here please.

Audience Member #3:
(very faint)

Sorry, can I repeat - she's asking him to talk about the reasoning behind using Whitman's title of his poetry, and also the usage of, well the reference to marijuana.

Tim Blake Nelson:
Yeah, you've picked up on the use of grass as a double entendre. And then blades of grass are sorta like twins, and I was interested in that, but more than anything else I think what Whitman accomplished in his poetry was a break from prescribed meter. So that rather than write to schemas or villanelles or sonnets, he allowed each poem to establish it's own rhythm, and it's own meter.

Keri Russell:
It's interesting, I mean, luckily Tim is so kind of wonderful and generous and gentle and so I wasn't ever, well yes, yes sometimes you were doing a scene with Tim and thinking is he thinking this is bad or this is, or your thought look wasn't bad or you could tell you were wonderful and what are you gonna say ...

Man on stage:
As we were shooting, Tim would always get as close to you as he physically could, he was practically in the shot when he was directing, mouthing the words. But somehow it all worked.

Edward Norton:

I agree it was a nightmare. On multiple occasions while the camera was on Tim, he was mouthing my lines as I was saying them, we have it, we have it, we have it on film, it's proven.


On this page find a great International Oddities Leaves of Grass trailer, plus exclusive Ed Norton movie pictures, leaves of grass the movie videos and official movie trailer, as well as complete press conference interviews with Tim Blake Nelson, Edward Norton and Keri Russell. Leaves of Grass bud will surely be seen throughout the movie in what promises to be many exciting movie bud scenes featuring the most talented names in Hollywood.

Legal weed in movies
Hollywood uses International Oddities products in major Films and TV:
Legal Marijuana
A few of the Movies, TV, and films in which International Oddities legal buds and herbal smokes appear
High School - starring Adrien Brody
Leaves of Grass Movie - starring Ed Norton
Body of Lies
Knocked Up
Crash - with Dennis Hopper
LA Law
Pirates of the Caribbean 4 - On Stranger Tides
Bad Teacher - starring Cameron Diaz
MTV Video Music Awards - Fake Weed Parody
Pineapple Express Movie - Seth Rogen, James Franco
True Blood - HBO series
My Name Is Earl
Lords of Dogtown
Bruce Almighty

So when your friends ask what was the bud used in the movie Leaves of Grass, tell them it was legal bud from the herbal smoking company International Oddities.


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