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Extreme Rolling Machine for the perfect herbal smoke


Smoke Shop Accessories - International Oddities


International Oddities smoke shop accessories include rolling papers, lighters, custom cigarette cases, matches, cigarette injector machines, hookahs, vaporizers, custom rolling machines, a waterproof, odorproof pouch plus more. The following premium smoking accessories complement the fine line of legal buds and herbal smokes also available from the 30 year world leader in exotic smokes, International Oddites. Select from multiple smoke shop accessory categories below:



A custom accessory selection for smoking enthusiasts!

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Gold Globe for International Oddities Payment Option Instructions 


Smoke Shop Lighter


I.O. Chrome Lighter

Pick up our high quality custom
windproof lighter,

it's a fashion statement all its own.
$19.95 (a $30 value)

International Oddities Lighter $19.95


Rolling Machines

Extreme Rolling Machine


Extreme Rolling MachineTM

Crafted to complement the legal herbal bud products found throughout this site.

Optimal when used with the 70mm papers included right in the side of every
RYO box of herbal buds.

More Rolling Machine info

For high production homemade smokes, ease of use and the best quality manufacturing in the industry, the International Oddities Extreme Rolling Machine even has a lifetime guarantee

Extreme Rolling Machine $6.49


Cigarette Cases

Smoke Shop Cigarette Case


Chrome Cigarette Case

Case with interior tension clips ideal for
hand-rolled smokes, and may even be
used for credit cards, business cards, etc.

More about cigarette cases

International Oddities Case $24.95



Krypto Matches from  International Oddities


Krypto® Matches

Krypto Matches in a custom designed
Matchbox for
International Oddities

Krypto bud products

See your local store

Krypto Matchbox> 

Panama Gold Matches from  International Oddities


Panama GoldTM Matches

Panama Gold Matches in a custom designed
Matchbox for
International Oddities

Panama Gold bud products

See your local store

Panama Gold Matchbox

Rolling Papers

Rolling Papers

Rolling Papers

Top brands available by the pack:

Pure Hemp Rolling Papers
Zig Zag 1 1/4 Ultra Thin Rolling Papers
Bob Marley 1 1/4 Rolling Papers
Skunk 1 1/4 Width Rolling Papers
Smoking Brand Maiz Rolling Papers
Club Carre Singlewide Rolling Papers
Elements 1 1/4 Rice Rolling Papers
Raw All Natural Vegan 1 1/4 Rolling Papers
Zig Zag Orange 1 1/4 Rolling Papers
Bambu Rolling Papers

Price 3.79 per pack for most brands

Full rolling paper detail and pics

Pure Hemp

Zig Zag Ultra Thin

Bob Marley

Out Of Stock

Zig Zag Original

Out Of Stock
Club Carre




Raw All Natural
Vegan $3.79

Out Of Stock
Zig Zag Orange $3.79

Out Of Stock


Cigarette Injector Machines

Cigarette Injector Machine
1. price change and
2. tubes not included

The Wizard Machine Package

You get:
Wizard Machine (make your own cigarettes)
Smoke Box (to store and carry cigs)
Sample of Panama Gold bud

Roll your own filter-tipped cigarettes!

Rolling Tubes Not included

All for Only $34.95

Package Deal $34.95



Waterproof Pouch

Waterproof Pouch


Waterproof Pouch

(currently out of stock)

Keep all your valuable stuff totally odor-proof
while swimming, surfing, jet skiing or whatever.

This patented odor-proof....vapor-proof....bag will keep prying eyes and noses
out of your business.

Comes in green. Great for all seasons.

Pouch $22.95

Hookah pic


Many artful and stylish hookahs
to choose from:

Sub-Zero Hookah(pictured at left)
Envy Hookah (pictured at right)
Nemesis Hookah
Tsunami Hookah
Jewel Hookah
Zen Hookah
Solaris Hookah
Catalyst Hookah
Genie Bubble Hookah
Taboo Hookah
Genie Cyclone Hookah

Full Hookahs details and pics

Ground shipping only. Sold only in the USA.

Envy Hookah pic

Herb Grinder

Herb Grinder from  International Oddities


Acrylic Herb Grinder

2 piece acrylic herb grinder
approx 2 inch diameter
random color shipped

herb grinder information

Herb Grinder $6.95



Ozium Air Spray image

Ozium Spray

Cleanse the air with Ozium
Glycolized Air Sanitizer

3.5 oz Original Scent
2 cans for $19.95

.8 oz assorted scents,
3 cans for $19.95
scents include:
New Car Smell
Country Fresh

What is Ozium

Ozium 3.5 oz
2 cans $19.95

Ozium .8 oz assorted
3 cans $19.95


The International Oddities smoke shop has sold legal bud, herbal smokes and/or other herbal products for nearly 30 years via traditional mail order, and in the last decade through internet website access. The leader in the herbal bud revolution, International Oddities constantly develops new legal buds and herbs for ultimate consumer satisfaction.

You do not need to be a member to buy our buds and smoking accessories. I.O. smoking products are available in a variety of sizes to meet your needs - see our boxes, cans, shotgun tubes, bags, and cannisters for the biggest and freshest buds and herbal smokes available in the tobacco alternative smoking industry today. Some smoking accessories are included free in our legal bud specials. See the specials page for all details.

Blow a smoke ring to the stars with the world's most unique smoke shop - head shop experience!

New Canned
Legal Buds!

Krypto Bud - Highest Quality
Krypto Legal Buds - Highest Quality

Dro bud in a bag
Bag of Dro bud

A'hia Bud from Hawaii
A'hia Bud from Hawaii

Krypto Bud - Big Green Buds
Krypto Bud - Big Green Buds

Stunk Bud - a legal bud herbal bud classic
Stunk Bud - a Legal Herbal Bud Classic

Dro Bud 100% Legal
Dro Bud - 100% Legal

Get a pound of herbal bud
Get a pound
of Herbal Bud!

Skyscraper Bud by International Oddities
Skyscraper Legal Buds

Stunk Bud - The Stinkiest
Stunk Bud - The Stinkiest

Twice The Splice at Half The Price

Bahli Bubble Bud - Exotic Uplifting Smoke
Bahli Bubble Bud - Exotic Uplifting Smoke

Panama Gold Bud
Panama Gold Bud

Rasta Smoke
Legal Rasta Smoke

Sextacy Pills
Sextacy Pills

Dro Bud - It's Hydra-chronic!
Dro Bud - It's Hydra-chronic!

Bahli Bubble Closeup Pic
Bahli Bubble Bud

Panama Gold Bud - legal bud
Panama Gold Bud - It's Legal

Buy Hookahs
Buy Hookahs

A'hia Bud - Hawaiian Hybrid
Hawaiian Hybrid A'hia Bud



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